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2014 - Professional insertion of people in difficulties

Seminar 2014
" Professional insertion of people in difficulties "

Life in our societies is greatly shaped by work values that give everyone an effective participation in the social whole, a social recognition, income and a personal sense of self accomplishment.

Yet, the economic crisis that we know for many years has caused mass unemployment particularly among the most vulnerable: the young people, seniors, unskilled people, single women, immigrants, and developmentally disabled people, etc.

In front of this situation, the means of support to professional insertion - public employment services, professional training, support services for publics experiencing difficulties - bring only partial answers that are often unsatisfactory. Access to employment, however crucial to individual personal and social development, appears more and more for some as a lost battle, as a far and unreachable goal.  

What are the factors that have led to this situation? In the first place, an evolution of the different European economic systems towards a liberal and global economy that favors profit and gives little importance to people. On the other hand there is an evolution of the professions characterized by expanding technology that excludes the least skilled people. In this context of high international competition, businesses often are not ready to give a chance to the weakest.

Services to correct this situation have been put in place : assisted jobs, work incentives for  the developmentally disabled, support services for people the most removed from work, local initiatives, innovations, businesses of the social and solidarity economy : fields in full expansion, to explore and to question.  

We propose to work on this topic by examining and comparing the situations in our different partner countries.
Foe each of our countries, we propose to discover:
The situation and evolution of unemployment,
The characteristics of the publics having the greatest difficulties in accessing employment
Grants and benefits for unemployed people
The systems, organizations and support services for professional insertion
Assisted jobs or reserved to certain publics
The situation of accessing employment for the developmentally disabled
The role of businesses in the professional insertion of people in difficulties
Initiatives, innovations for professional insertion of vulnerable publics
Elements of analysis, of understanding the evolution of the conditions related to the access to employment for people in difficulties  

Concretely, during the SSF seminar in May 2014, we propose to each delegation to prepare one intervention dealing with the questions presented above.