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Europe it’s also us - 2013

Crossed views ... The Developmentally Disabled in Europe

For many years, through our meetings and realizations of presentations « We are also Europe », we have been able to share our voices, sensibilities, our different experiences.

For this year 2013, we propose to develop everyone’s creativity and expression on the theme of the year: “Crossed views ... The Developmentally Disabled in Europe”.

We invite you to use your imagination and skills to reflect and express yourself on these matters.
The following are invited to produce works on this theme for the online exposition and contest:
  • The beneficiaries of partner institutions of the participating countries: Germany, Bulgaria, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland and Romania;
  • Students of Social Work schools of all these countries ( for the creation of posters on the theme of the year) ;
  • Professionals of partner institutions (for the creation of a logo on the theme of the Solidarities between generations).